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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the series of actions that make a website that is continually seen by search engines.

SEO’s that achieve success are able to gain higher rankings for pertinent keywords that are relevant to in the increasing of organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in order to keep current with the online competition. At Artisan Custom Works SEO we are there to work for our clients interest with a vigorously strong SEO program developed to drive up higher rankings resulting in greater Internet traffic for targeted relevant keywords. Artisan Custom Work’s SEO process is designed to produce GREATER RESULTS.

We grasp the significance and importance of each individual business being its own unique enterprise with a particular interests and individual customer base to consider. Our SEO team will use our expertise to create a plan to ensure your business more than succeeds, but thrives.


Optimizing your website is the first step to create high search engine rankings. There are numerous factors that determine how search engines see your site and contribute to rankings. We monthly perform page tests, link building and SEO crawls, making changes that are necessary to receive top search engine performance to maximize organic traffic and rankings. We follow guidelines to keep your site safe from penalization by Google. We also DO NOT place links on any illegal, gambling, adult or potentially harmful sites.

For each of our clients we create a portfolio to maximize their ranking opportunities and allow links to look organic. In order to keep from slipping in the rankings, link building continually occurring monthly.